#1 Are you paying attention to your child’s ‘inappropriate’ behaviour? ♥

Good, you should be…but maybe not for the reasons you might think.

Inspiration: Read this meme and if it resonates with you, read on…

Window of Opportunity

Insight: Something for you to ponder…

There is no doubt about it…behaviour gets our attention...and the bigger it is, the more of our focus we tend to give it. I’m not for a second suggesting that you ignore ‘inappropriate’ behaviour, but what I am hoping to convey is the message that ALL behaviour is communication and it’s up to us to slow ourselves down enough to read it rather than only reacting to it.

Whenever children (or anyone) acts out in ways that we consider to be ‘unacceptable or inappropriate,’ the drive for them to do so is stronger than their drive not to. There are many good reasons for that. It’s up to us to look a little deeper into what’s going on for our children if we are to help them to move through it rather than getting stuck in it with them.

That may not sound very easy to do (and at first it probably won’t be) because it requires us to change the way we have been seeing them. Lasting change takes time. That’s the good news and the bad news all rolled into one.

Good News: We get to take on the responsibility of making the change.

Bad News: We get to take on the responsibility of making the change.

With each and every interaction going forward we have the opportunity to start looking at behaviour as a source of valuable information. 

Intention: If you feel moved to set an intention for today, this is could be it…

Today I will try and see my child’s ‘misbehaviour’ as an opportunity for me to get to know them a little bit better. The way they behave gives me information about their emotional development and by being open to receiving it rather than fearing it, I’m better able to support them as they grow up. 


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