#2 Parenting: We don’t really start to ‘get it’ until we’re in it.♥

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Becoming a parent comes with enormous responsibility. We often expect that, but we don’t really start to get it until we’re in it. (That’s probably a really good thing!). We go in looking forward to being the ones who will raise and care for another, and then as the days march on we get a better feel for what this really means. It’s enough to strike terror in our hearts. We literally have to figure out how we’re going to do this parenting thing on the go because someone’s life now depends on us. OMGosh!

The most natural thing in the world is to look around and see what everyone else is up to. We all do it, we just can’t help it. When we feel unsure we are moved to look to others for guidance. How’s it working for them? Will it work for me?  Should try that, or that? What if it doesn’t work? Why don’t I ask her? None of that was much help, maybe he’ll know. Perhaps I should google it. It’s a rabbit hole that has no end.

What we tend to forget in the frenzy is that we each have an onboard guidance system that would serve us well, if we could just remember to use it. How we feel about what we are hearing from others or reading about, tells us more than we may realize. It’s our intuition speaking to us, but we often override feelings with logic. If we’ve been doing this for a long time it’s become our new normal, but that doesn’t mean that it’s serving us or our children very well.

The way back to finding our own parenting path is to get back in tune with ourselves. It starts with us. Once we do that we’re less likely to be lead astray by others. What’s right for one person, doesn’t make it right for another. What ‘works’ with someone else’s child doesn’t mean it is the best fit for your unique child. You know what’s best for your child because you know your child best.

♥ Intention: If you feel moved to set an intention for today, this could be it…

Today I will try and pay more attention to how I am feeling when I react or respond to my child. Do I feel unsettled by my conduct or do I feel that my behaviour is congruent with who I truly am? I don’t have to change anything today, all I’ll do is notice how I’m feeling.


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One thought on “#2 Parenting: We don’t really start to ‘get it’ until we’re in it.♥

  1. I enjoyed reading about focusing on our intuition while parenting. My husband and I try to read parenting books, listen to others, and then we put it all down. We have learned that we know what’s best for our little guy and that our intuitions guide us better than anything else. Thank you for sharing!

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