Welcome to my look-with-love blog. ♥

At last, here it is, a place for caring hearts to visit when looking for inspiration, seeking insight or wanting to align with their intentions. It’s all about wanting to make deeper sense of those we truly love, our children.

Here’s how it works: Each post will accompany a meme. Look at it, read it and pay attention to how it makes you feel. Does the message resonate with you, does it make you want to know more, or does it push a button in you that turns you right off?

BLOG Welcome

If you read it and find yourself feeling inspired and thinking ‘Yes, this means something to me’…then you should read on.

If you read it and feel yourself opening up and wanting insight you’ll likely be going,  ‘Hmmmmm this seems quite interesting, I wonder what this is all about?’…then read on.

If after a quick scan you feel uneasy, squirmy or even perhaps a little irritated, then today’s post is not for you…don’t read another word! It’s not for you. And that’s okay. What I share here isn’t for everyone, nor do I expect it to be. Just know that if ever you feel drawn back to it, it will be here.

The message in each meme you’ll see here inspires me in someway. Many of them are my own words (not that I’m saying I inspire myself but you get what I mean!) but there will be plenty that convey the insights of others and they make me feel and think, ‘Yes, this resonates with me!’

The final few lines of each post will invite you to set your intention going forward. This is meant for those who have read the insight and feel moved by it in some way. If it didn’t gel with you, then stop there. There’s no point in trying to force yourself into thinking or doing anything that doesn’t feel like a natural fit for you, so please don’t. One day you might feel differently and you’ll come back to it, but in the meantime, be true to who you are and how you are feeling. That’s the key to finding your own way through, and you will.

Inspiration leads us to seeking deeper insight, which leads to us setting meaningful intentions, which guides us on our journey with our children. I’m hoping that what I share here will play a part in doing that for you, when the time is right.

Thank you for being here, I’m glad that you are.

With love, Bridgett ♥


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