#3 Behaving better than we feel.♥

♥ Inspiration: Read this meme and if it resonates with you, read on…

Behave Better


♥ Insight: Something for you to ponder…

For many of us, once we become parents our days are abundantly full of opportunities to ‘stretch’ ourselves  beyond that which we ever imagined possible or even necessary. Being taken to the edge of who we think we are by those we love more than anyone else in the world is indeed a ‘growing edge’ and for some…a daunting ledge.

Our children have the capacity to bring out our very best (or our absolute worst) and they do so without an iota of premeditation or malicious intention. They simply go about their day and we find ourselves getting pulled along with them. Every interaction (or altercation) that we have with them provides us with an opportunity to muster up the best version of ourselves possible, even when we don’t necessarily feel like being it.

It’s usually in these trying moments that we get a glimpse of our capacity to ‘suck it up’ when faced with frustration, upset and disappointment. We don’t readily do it for ourselves but we’ll do it for them because we love them so deeply and we innately know that it’s what they need from us.

Once we begin to look at our everyday parent-child interactions (Yes, even the trying ones) as opportunities for mutual growth and development, we’ll be more likely to rise up and become the people we’re capable of being.

It’s a gift our children bring to us and we get to decide whether we accept it or not.

♥ Intention: If you feel moved to set an intention for today, this could be it…

Today I will pay closer attention to how I am feeling when I’m interacting with my child. When I find myself beginning to feel triggered, I will remind myself that my child takes their cues from me and that I want to behave like a caring adult in this parent-child relationship. There is no place for my immaturity in our relationship because my child needs me to be the one they can look to for guidance, support and love.


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